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Browse all of our available items through the left-hand menu options. Once you have identified an item you’d like to purchase, just click the Add to Cart button. The codes provided by WootLoots work only on US, Oceanic and European realms. Once you have finished adding items to your cart and are ready to proceed to checkout, you may select View Cart from the top menu or Proceed to Check-out from the pop-up box.

Payment Methods accepts payment through Paypal.

Once checkout is complete, you will receive your code(s) in one of two ways. Delivery methods are listed below the description and vary depending on the item.

Instant Digital Delivery - Code(s) and redemption instructions are instantly displayed and emailed to your payment registered email address.

Physical Card – The physical card(s) containing the code is mailed to your payment registered mailing address.

Redemption Instructions
Follow these instructions after you have obtained your code, whether through digital delivery or after receiving the physical card:

  1. Go to

  2. Follow the instructions on the page and enter the code from either your email (instant digital delivery) or under the scratch-off portion of your card.

  3. Print or write down the new code generated on the WoW website.

  4. Log into your World of Warcraft account and head to Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale) with the character you would like to receive the item.

  5. In Booty Bay you will find an NPC named Landro Longshot. He is a goblin located on the lower dock and has two buddies next to him, each wearing the red Tabard of Flame. You can't miss him. (coordinates: 28,75)

  6. Speak with Landro and select your item from his list. Once selected, a box will pop up asking for your code.

  7. Enter the code and press ok! The item is now in your bag.

  8. Gratz!

Some items must be redeemed through your account. Please follow the directions located on the card for redemption links and instructions.

Please see the support page should you experience any problems while trying to redeem your item. will never ask for your user name and password. We may however request very basic and non personally-identifying information such as your realm region (US or EU) and server name for support issues. products and services do not violate Blizzard's World of Warcraft Terms of Service (TOS) or End User License Agreement (EULA). The products sold by are licensed and provided through either Blizzard or The Upper Deck Company. is merely a secondary market/distribution system for aforementioned products.

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Thank you for considering for the purchase of your World of Warcraft loot. We hope that you will find the process user-friendly, and please feel to contact us at any time. started doing business in 2007 in McKinney, Texas, is operated by individuals who have played World of Warcraft since its release in November, 2004.


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